2022 Course Dates

Due to Covid, please only book flights one block course at a time. We will let you know after each block course if we need to make any changes due to lockdowns.

Orientation Day


Tuesday 1st February

Block Courses

Block 1 – Monday 14th – Friday 18th February                    Wellington Marae (in term 1)     

Block 2 – Monday 2nd – Friday 6th May                               Auckland Campsite (in term 2)


Block 3 – Monday 25th – Friday 29th July                            Whanganui Noho marae/Hikoi (in term 3)


Block 4 – Monday 26th Sept – Friday 30th September       Christchurch Campsite (in term 3)

Term 1 Clusters

  1. Tuesday 1st March         

  2. Tuesday 8th March

  3. Tuesday 15th March

  4. Tuesday 22nd March

  5. Tuesday 29th March

  6. Tuesday 5th April


School holidays:16th April – 1st May


Term 2 Clusters

  1. Tuesday 17th May  (DD Wednesday 18 May RAP worksop for YR1 Wellington Students only)

  2. Tuesday 24th May  (DD Wednesday 25 May ALL sites ALL students)

  3. Tuesday 31st May  (DD Wednesday 1 June RAP workshop for YR1 Whanganui students only)

  4. Tuesday 14th June (ARO DAY)

  5. Tuesday 21st June (DD Wednesday 22 June RAP workshop for YR1 Christchurch students only)

  6. Tuesday 28th June (DD Wednesday 29 June RAP workshop for YR1 Auckland students only)

School holidays: 9th July – 24th July


Term 3 Clusters

  1. Tuesday 9th August

  2. Tuesday 16th  (DD Wednesday 17 August ALL SITES, ALL STUDENTS, Local Hīkoi)

  3. Tuesday 23rd August

  4. Tuesday 30th August (DD Wednesday 31 August, Year 1 only, ABL)                                                     

  5. Tuesday 6th September

  6. Tuesday 13th September


School holiday: 1st October – 16th October 


Term 4 Clusters

  1. Tuesday 18th October

  2. Tuesday 25th October

  3. Tuesday 1st November 

  4. Monday 8th & Tuesday 9th November        DD local retreats


Double Cluster Days

Double Cluster Days (Tuesday & Wednesday) will be hosted in the four main centres (Auckland, Whanganui, Wellington & Christchurch). Term 1 will hold two double days and the following three terms once. All students outside of main centres will be required to travel to attend.



Monday 21st November – Wellington

Tuesday 22nd November – Christchurch

Wednesday 23rd November – Auckland

Thursday 24th November – Whanganui 

Friday 25th November – Dunedin (TBC)