Praxis Community Education Project (ComEd)

The ComEd project was established to support youth engagement in learning. We assist young people who are struggling in mainstream education to build confidence, skills and gain credits towards secondary school qualifications.


The Details

The ComEd project currently has two expressions:


City Alt and Porirua Alt are Ministry of Education funded alternative education schools located in Wellington City and Porirua, each school operates as a whānau and provides a wholistic, small group learning environment for young people who have disengaged from mainstream education. More info here…


The ComEd Assessor team work across our Alt Schools and through youth development programmes in wider community settings to facilitate learning and assess achievement against NZQA unit standards at levels 1-3.  Our focus is on working with young people where they are at, to improve literacy and develop work ready skills.


At the moment, due to limits on our capacity and resourcing, the ComEd programme is limited to a restricted group of partners. However we are always happy to have a coffee and a chat if you would like to know more.

Please get in touch with the ComEd project at: