Climate change and our impact on the environment have also become youth issues. The launch of ARO project in 2020 marks the start of two journeys for Praxis; to operate more sustainably as an organisation, and to explore the intersection between environmental issues and youth development.


Operating sustainably

Like many groups in the NGO and education sectors, we have been challenged about how our activities as an organisation are impacting the environment. As the acronym suggests we have set goals for ourselves in three areas:

We note that the cost of compliance is currently very high for certifying offset projects for carbon credits. We want all of our money to go to the projects that we support, and will require only that they are independently verified.

We plan to invite other groups in the sector to join us in this commitment…



Assess and raise Awareness of the environmental impacts that we are creating through our activities. At each Praxis delivery site we will use the self-assessment tool at to calculate the environmental impact around what we do.

Reduce by encouraging our staff and students to find practical and innovative ways of reducing our carbon footprint and waste. See  for suggestions on how to do this, and the ARO Awards below.

Offset by partnering with initiatives in NZ and the Pacific that involve young people in projects that care for the environment and off-set carbon emissions. This means that each year, Praxis will set aside a budget amount equivalent to the total of our carbon emissions funding. This funding is now available to support environmental projects that are co-designed and implemented with young people.

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By assessing and offsetting your organisation’s activities?

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