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​​Praxis offers a range of short workshops in youth development, these are generally one or two days each, and can be tailored to the needs of an organisation or youth worker network.  We generally offer discounted rates to staff of organisations who have full time students on a Praxis course.

Frequently requested workshops include:

If you're interested in something else, get in touch and we'll see what we can do. 


RAP Workshop                                      (2 days)

RAP is an application of the Circle of Courage, an indigenous model of positive youth development that recognises the importance of helping each young person develop belonging, mastery, independence, and generosity. Participants learn skills to disengage from adversarial encounters, connect with adult-wary youngsters, restore bonds of respect, and create climates where young people can flourish. This interactive workshop has become a standard for youth development practice in New Zealand.More info

Upcoming RAP Courses 


Date:           17 - 18 May 2022

Venue:         Praxis, Level 2, 138 Wakefield St, Wellington 

Enquiries:    Lloyd@praxis.org.nz

Register:      TBC


Date:           28 - 29 June 2022

Venue:         TBC

Enquiries:    Michael@praxis.org.nz

Register:      TBC


Date:           21 - 22 June

Venue:         TBC

Enquiries:    Catherine@praxis.org.nz

Register:      TBC


Date:           31 May - 1 June 2022

Venue:         TBC

Enquiries:    Jenny@praxis.org.nz

Register:     TBC


Date:           TBC

Venue:         TBC

Enquiries:    Tom@praxis.org.nz

Register:     TBC

Trauma Response Workshop                 (half or one day)

In any group of Kiwi young people you will have several who are experiencing depression, abuse or trauma. The workshop is targeted at teachers and youth workers, it aims to build awareness of trauma through exploring three key questions; What are trauma and toxic stress?  How do they affect people? How do we create positive environments that support young people to reconnect with learning and development? The workshop can be taught over a half or a full day. The full day version includes tools for practical conversations with children and young people based on the Tree of Life model

Culturally Responsive Practice     (anything from an hour to a lifetime!)


This flexible workshop normally runs over a day, but it can be adapted to the needs of a group. It is designed for organisations and teams that aim (as a group) to become more responsive to people from diverse cultural backgrounds. It focuses on recognizing where areas of personal and organisational practice have become captured within a particular world view, and how your team, can transform your work to become more culturally inclusive. Get your boss there!


Planning Restorative Outcomes    (2 days)

Transforming Assessment (PRO) provides a new alternative to traditional deficit based assessments. It engages young persons in conflict in the process of solving problems and finding solutions. The PRO assessment is grounded in resilience science, neuroscience, and ecological research on positive youth development. All children need support with six critical drives embodied in the Model of Leadership and Service, Safety, Belonging, Achievement, Power, Purpose and Adventure.


By addressing these inherent drives through interaction with caring, competent adults, a young person is able to take pathways to responsibility.

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